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Anyone a Ryan Adams fan? - Still Life - Fast Moving

Feb. 16th, 2008

10:28 pm - Anyone a Ryan Adams fan?

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Long story short: I copied 2017 mp3 files from Wendi's computer onto mine this afternoon. This included her Ryan Adams collection. I've been meaning to "get into" Ryan Adams for a number of years, I heard "Burning Photographs" in a friends car and LOVED it, however, I never got around to downloading the song or ever really listening to him period. I have to say, I am really loving this man's music. Now, I'm not saying I love ALL of it, some of it is too "twangy/country" for this girl. I am not quite sure what the love/don't love ratio is yet, as Wendi has EVERYTHING and I can't possibly listen to ALL of it one day! However, I can honestly say that "Rock N Roll" is probably one of the best albums I have EVER heard, front to back, SPECTACULAR!. I am also liking "Love is Hell" but haven't given it a good listen yet. Remember, I got TONS of stuff from her today. But I wanted to send props out to Ryan Adams. You may have changed my life!

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